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Street Light Poetry

Art is life, but what if Life was art?

19 July
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bondage and sunsets... i hope i'm not too cliche
(everything is fiction...sometimes)
agnosticism, argyle, badminton, bands you've never heard, beauty, being cliche, being in love, being naked, believing in june, bikes, black and white pictures, bright eyes, casiotone for_the painfully alone, chicken alfredo, cuddle buddies, cuddling, cursive, cynicism, d.i.y., de-programming, donnie darko, downtown, dumpsters, emotions, environmentalism, everything, failing, falling asleep to music, four square, freeganism, futile beauty, gay rights, godspeed you black emperor, good shows, graffiti, guitars, hillside park, human behavior, human catastrophe, idealism, in place of words, independant media, jello biafra, john cusak, kids in the hall, kisses, kurt vonnegut, laughing, lawrence arms, lexington, life, life without buildings, living like this, lo-fi, long walks, longboarding, loss prevention, lost causes, making out, making_stop_signs_more_specific, modest mouse, mountain biking, movies, music, park benches, people, philosophy, photography, piercings, public space reclamation, punk rock, rain, re-programming, records, recreational squatting, saves the day, screeching weasel, shows, sincerity, singing off-key, skateboarding, stars, stencils, streetlights, subversion, summer, sunrises, sunsets, talking, ted conover, the broadways, the early november, the murder city devils, the postal service, the rapping cowboy, the weakerthans, the_jesus_tales, thrift stores, tragic beauty, underground media, university of kentucky, unschooling, unusual beauty, urban camping, urban exploration, vinyl, waffle house, waking up holding hands, will & grace, woke up falling, xerox art, you, zines


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